Stray Thoughts...!!!

Hi!.................Energised folks!

Energy conservation and management has moved from an unglamorous hobby to curious coffee table chatter and now to occasional boardroom talk, which in itself is redeeming; but however much people may regale its importance and urgency, it appears to be a topic that is at crossroads all the time.

While the energy levels remain high in seminars and conferences (no wonder "conservation" is often lisped as "conversation"!), real work and action at the mass level continues to be painfully slow.

Government mandates in India generally only exist on paper and are circumvented in sprit by both energy users and their advisers, which probably indicates that, like everything else, the subject is best left to market forces - energy prices and competition - that may get energy users to act voluntarily. Of course, government mandates have helped in increasing awareness and words like "energy audit" are now part of common lexicon.

Efforts to get Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to invest money and recoup it from the energy cost savings has, except for few stray cases, generally been a non-starter, not wholly unexpected in a country with low integrity when it comes to parting with money!

This brings up the stray thought does an energy impoverished country ensure that energy users maintain regular investments in energy efficient retrofits and new technologies? How about an "energy efficiency cess" on energy consumption …... that is collected by the government and returned to the energy user when he invests in energy efficiency….. shouldn't be difficult since every enterprise does have a unique PAN number. Let's say, the energy user refuses to use the cess piling up in his kitty for more than 5 years, then the government utilises the money for its own energy efficiency programmes. Of course, some regulation and monitoring would be required to ensure that this money, when released back to the user, is used only for energy efficiency improvement projects.

Any thing and every thing is tough to implement in this country ….. so this is just a stray thought ….. please tolerate it!

Your feedback ……. bouquets or brickbats …….are all welcome!