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Building Simulation

Modern buildings like hotels, hospitals, shopping malls or corporate offices, consume significant amount of energy for comfort air conditioning and lighting. Data centres in IT/BPO companies guzzle energy for precision air conditioning. Buildings use more than 70% of their energy for air conditioning and lighting; it varies significantly with location and ambient conditions.

Building energy simulation, using software tools, helps understand seasonal variations in energy consumption and helps evaluate the impact of energy saving measures like improved windows, thermal insulation, efficient air conditioning systems, natural lighting concepts etc. The energy saving measures and techno-economics differ significantly with the location, climate and orientation of the building.

Results of building simulation helps understand and quantify the impact of use of designs that alter the building envelope and equipments that help improve building energy efficiency. Typically the impact of some of the following equipments & fixtures can be understood:

  • Improved glazing for windows
  • Building thermal insulation
  • Natural ventilation techniques
  • More efficient air conditioning equipments
  • Better control methods for air volume, water flow etc.
  • More efficient lighting